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My Valentine, Though

This that time of year again when more and more people get engaged and more and more people get diabetes from their chocolate consumption to fill their void of being single. Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day. Also known as Single’s Awareness Day, duh! I wonder why there is only ONE day out of the year to [...]


It’s Thirsty Thursday! The thirsty one of this week is… you guessed it: Miley Cyrus. Seriously starting to think the reason she sticks her tongue out every 5 seconds is because she is parched and needs a glass of water (because she’s -drumrollllllll- thirsty!) I want to know what you think about her performance at [...]

The FAB Side of Being Vulnerable

If Vulnerability was a person what would you say to it? Would you welcome it? Would you run away? What would you do? Let’s not kid ourselves, being vulnerable is a scary thing. Just thinking about it makes me want to retreat and think about something else. However, the more we run away from being [...]

You Are Not Your Thoughts

There are so many things to think about right now: finals, money, family problems, friend drama, planning events, stress, & more stress while writing this down. We are bombarded everyday with our own thoughts. It gets overwhelming. We may even think so much that the present moment becomes unbearable. I am in the middle of [...]

How Routines Can Help You Out of Your Funk

Ever have a time in your life where you felt like you were stuck in a funk? I did….. And I still do for the most part. Being in a “funk” isn’t really the funnest place you want to be. When I’m in this “funk” I feel confused, sad, lonely, and of course antisocial. I’ll [...]

Can Facebook Ruin Your Relationship?

Not only can Facebook can ruin your romantic relationship it can also ruin a friendship. I know I am preeching to the choir with most of the doozys readings this, but for those who do not understand let me break it down for you. The Basics Facebook WILL ruin your relationship if you are… A [...]

How A Night Without Your Cellphone Can Improve Your (real) Life

I made plans to go out with some friends last week. As I was getting ready to go out, I was updating my iPHONE. Of course, it said it was going to take 2 hours to finish. I couldn’t wait that long and I couldn’t unplug my phone because I was afraid it would ruin [...]

Happy New Year! A Toast to Making it Count!!

Happy New Year to my FAB Doozys!! I hope that this year is filled with love, success, joy, happiness, and good health for all of you. Everyone deserves a fresh start so wish the same for even your enemies. 2012 was a hard year. Even 2011 and 2010 kind of sucked a little bit too. [...]

Would You Rather Be Single or in a Relationship?

It’s that time of year again! The time where you see couples walking hand in hand at the Grove, sharing a cup of hot coco together, and snuggling up by the fire at the local ski resort. Such a great sight when you’re single….or not, depends how you look at it. I noticed that when [...]

Is a Dream Really a Wish Your Heart Makes?

Like the famous Disney song tells us, “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep.” For the most part this is true, but apparently Cinderella didn’t experience nightmares, sleepwalking, and seeing her deceased loved ones in her dreams. Yeah, [...]

10 Steps to Deal with People You Can’t Stand

We have all been through it. Smiling at someone we despise, hugging someone we don’t want to touch, and listening to someone’s story over and over and over again. This is life. We all have to go through this, why? Because having respect for others is important as well as keeping an open mind that [...]

10 Ways to Encourage Your FAB Self

Everyone needs a little boost from time to time. No, I am not talking about coffee or steroids. I am talking about encouraging your FAB self. The following are ten ways I guarantee you will be feeling FAB in a day! Try it out and let me know how amazing it works for you 1. [...]

Wisdom Wednesdays- Love & Relationships

One of my best friends told me that true love is when you cannot live without that person. The best thing to do is be wise about who you spend your time with. Make sure it is someone who is worth it, someone who understands you, someone who cares about you, someone who knows how to [...]

The Secret to Being Calm

Taking time for yourself to reflect your day is just as important as having a good diet, an effective exercise routine, getting a flue shot (if you are not opposed to immunizations), taking your vitamins, and even routinely checking your facebook to wish your friend’s a happy birthday.

When Friends Become Family

In times of need your friends become part of your family (moreso than they may have been before). Very few people I was close too drifted away from me and others I was friends with became even closer. Transitioning your group of friends is always scary. It could happen as a result of you starting [...]

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