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Christmas at the McCallister’s

We have all watched the “Home Alone” scene in the beginning where Kevin’s family is eating dinner in that huge kitchen before they leave for Paris. Later, we are introduced to the crazy cheap Uncle Frank and Kevin’s crazy family. We’ve also all seen that scene from “Wedding Crashers,” where that crazy grandma says horribly [...]

How to Look FAB for the holidays!

For those who want to look FAB on the outside because they are already FAB on the inside here are some holiday hair, makeup, and trendy nail ideas!! Remember keep it simple so you are more worried about filling up your champagne glass before midnight instead of if your hair frizzed up or your dress [...]

When Friends Become Family

In times of need your friends become part of your family (moreso than they may have been before). Very few people I was close too drifted away from me and others I was friends with became even closer. Transitioning your group of friends is always scary. It could happen as a result of you starting [...]

Fear & Loathing in Los Angeles

The past few months I have had the fear of being unstable in my life because I have lost someone dear to my heart. Someone who was my best friend. Someone who was always available for me to speak to. Now that she is gone … I have a fear of not being able to [...]

FAB & Effective Decision-Making

Everyone has to make decisions whether we like it or not. We will either be proud of our decisions or not-so-proud/maybe even ashamed or embarrassed Sometimes we will have to go through situations where we will not even know what the right decision is, but we make one anyway. Other times we get confused about [...]

Late Bloomers

9, 15, 17, 20, 25, never? These numbers can mean anything. The number of times you went to the mall, the number of partners you may have had, how many siblings you may have, etc In this article it will represent the different ages which some Doozys have had their first kiss or their first [...]


You can thank Ryan Seacrest for this article because I was compelled to watch a video he posted on his twitter by saying, “Was going to sleep last night and saw ur tweets about #StopKony…watched in bed, was blown away. If u haven’t seen yet…” So A) I have seen the “#StopKony” hashtag all over [...]


The Oscar have arrived and so have my FAB Predictions!!! It is pretty miserable how Eddie Murphy literally went out with a bang for not being able to host this year (and for that I AM SO THANKFUL!) When I heard the news I instantly thought Billy Crystal is going to host and the next [...]

How to Deal With Anxiety in a FAB Way

I have it before I go on stage… Your parents get it if you don’t come home until 7am…Your friends get it if you are dating their ex…One’s significant other gets it once they find out their other half is cheating…Teachers get it when they do not have a lesson planned out… Charlie Sheen gets [...]

Catt Sadler is a DoozyFan!

I attended Catt Sadler’s “Women Like Us” Charity event in Hollywood a few weeks ago… interviews with many celebrities are coming soon so stay tuned! Check out this sneak peak of E! news Anchor, Catt Sadler… Catt Sadler Hooked on DoozyFAB! (VIDEO) Also new article coming soon… “How to be FAB at a Charity Event” [...]

How to Have a FAB Valentine’s Day

*Sigh* the day we have all been waiting (or dreading) for… Valentine’s Day. I know that some of us dread Valentine’s Day maybe because we do not want to spend any money on a love-hungry holiday or we are single or we want to break up with our significant other, but can’t because we are [...]


Ok so this one is for the ladies (and the men….just keep reading). NYE is the one night (other than Slutto-ween) where a lady can wear sparkles and glitter and eye makeup and go CRAY with her makeup and wear the flashiest outfit ever and not get the stank eye. If you are really so [...]

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