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Monthly Archives: March 2012


In a follow up to my previous article, “GETTING OVER HEARTBREAK”   There is a little something people call “rebounding.” To be honest,  rebounding is ok…IF it is clearly just that (as both parties are aware of it). Toying with someone’s emotions is just not right and leading him or her on is worse. So, [...]

Meredith Viera

Meredith Viera is one of the most notable journalists we have come to encounter on the news. I must say, though, how it is a little strange that just days after Katie Couric announced she was leaving CBS Evening News, Meredith Viera has followed in her footsteps to leave The Today Show, and Matt Lauer [...]

14 ways to build courage

Nobody likes to feel rejected. Nobody likes to feel defeated. Nobody wants to be the person that is referred to as the “cowardly lion”. Whoever feels this way needs a little boost of courage. Now do not take all these tips and join the army or something (that’s a little much) but with this courage [...]


I would like to thank for putting up my guest post on their blog. Check it out! Use a ho& here it is below Enjoy! USE A HO Hey joonies, We enjoyed DoozyFab’s last post (click here) so much, we decided to bring her back for another original FABulous post.  Check her out below and [...]


You can thank Ryan Seacrest for this article because I was compelled to watch a video he posted on his twitter by saying, “Was going to sleep last night and saw ur tweets about #StopKony…watched in bed, was blown away. If u haven’t seen yet…” So A) I have seen the “#StopKony” hashtag all over [...]