Living with a male can be difficult. As someone who has been visiting my brother for the past week I noticed that he and men in general just need their space. It’s so important to them. Space is just as important to them as water is to a fish. Yes that crucial.

If a man does not have his space it can result in many things such as anger, frustration, resentment, and even dumping your girlfriend if she is “smothering” you. If you are in a relationship I cannot say how important it is for a man to have his space and for the woman to do her own thing.


We already have moms for that…

I know a girl who is always in her boyfriends business. As her friend, even I get annoyed. Someone is in a relationship it is because they want to be not because they must have someone checking up on them every 5 minutes (that is what mothers are for).



I have learned many things from visiting my brother these past few days and also from the guys I am friends with:

1) If you do not give a guy his space he will hate you.

How I know this: it’s a beautiful one-bedroom apartment so it’s fairly easy to be in someone’s bubble at my brother’s place. I noticed that the more I even sat close to him or next to him the more he moved or got up to go “eat something” from the kitchen. If there was a lot of fighting or arguing (which naturally happens when you are in a small space) he would go for a walk and “get some air” aka get some space- the space of the earth and outside is infinite. They cannot have enough space!

2) Having no life and mooching off of his is no way to live

How I know this: I’ve seen this through my friends. I know several girls who have been broken up with because they are so dependent on what their boyfriend is doing at night or on weekends. They just wait around and make sure they are free on Thursday after 5 because he always hit her up then. What happens when he doesn’t? Then the girl sits on her ass at home and blames her anger on her boyfriend because she was not smart enough to make her own plans and live a life. Instead she waits around for a dude. Do not do this. I beg of you.

3) Women are more attractive if they are ‘less attainable” which means living their own life and being independent

How I know this: This is common sense. I used to play a game with this guy I was talking too. I would experiment in a way which someone once told me. I got a text from him asking me if I am going somewhere. I waited 10 minutes or more as instructed by a friend (just to see if it worked) and after I responded that I will be attending he immediately texted me back. Now that’s no big a deal, but what showed me he “chased” me was when he actually showed up to the place 15 minutes later waiting for me by himself with none of his friends around. Now point proven that when you have a life and nothing revolves around him it makes you more attractive. I mean if a guy is constantly texting you and calling and showing up you get annoyed its just too much!  Think of it like doggy treats. You do not give a dog a treat every 5 minutes. Poor thing will get sick. But give them a “treat” (whatever that may be) when they deserve it.

4) Know how to make a decision. No man wants to be with a woman who doesn’t know what she wants.

Know what you want ladies, because men don’t! So someone has got to do it. If a man asks a woman, “Where do you want to go tonight?” SAY SOMETHING. SAY ANYTHING EXCEPT “I DON’T KNOW” Any thing!!! Anywhere. Just name a damn place. If you don’t and continue this pattern he will only begin to wonder if you even know what you want in a man.



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Did you have any experiences where your man went nuts because he didn’t have his space? Or do you feel smothered in some way?

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