Why the issue of timing is essence on social media

News 01:04 April 2024:

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How do you get followers on twitter?  Are you like most people who ask over and over again for re-tweets?  This might look like a normal practice on twitter, but it is not.  It is like begging.  How would it look if your friends find you sitting on a street corner begging for alms?  That essentially is what you are doing.  Twitter has different number of followers, you can choose to get the number that appeal to you but if you have too many it will raise eyebrow.  Having 1000 Twitter Followers is normal and attainable.

The question is where do you get the followers from, will they come to you or will you go out there looking for them?  Whatever your way of getting the 1000 Twitter Followers be sure that it will not make your account be suspended.  If you are creative enough you can use time to get followers.  Remember that before people get to work they are quite active; use that window of opportunity to increase your followers.  You can also think of lunch hours and after work.