Bringing back self-love in a world full of conformity


Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

Remember in high school how you would see your friends every single day and barely have to put any effort into friendships? Back when I was in high school (except senior year) there was no texting or Facebook. The way to talk to your friends and talk about your friends was picking up the your [...]

Wisdom Wednesdays! Be The Change!

This week’s article will be about letting go of toxic relationships. In honor of this week’s topic, I would like to jot down some words of wisdom for Wisdom Wednesdays. During a class lecture last night, my teacher said to us, “You may not have caused your problems, but it is up to you to [...]

Quote of the Week! Expect the Unexpected

This week’s quote of the week is a little something original from the latest DoozyFAB article, SEARCHING FOR CLARITY IN A SOCIETY FULL OF EXPECTATIONS. We all expect everything to be perfect and go our way. When we have these high expectations we are clearly setting ourselves up for heartbreak, sadness, and disappoint. Ever notice that [...]

Searching for Clarity in a Society Full of Expectations

The last couple of days has me thinking: “WTF am I doing with my life?” In a chaotic time of applying to more programs I catch myself thinking about what I really want to do in life. When it comes down to the wire we start becoming more and more serious about our decisions. I [...]

Wisdom Wednesdays! Practicing is Succeeding

Take a chance this week and praise someone for doing something. Whether it is positive or even something you would never do. Praise them for taking action and doing something true to themselves. Praise someone for taking a big step away from procrastination or succeeding in something. It is important in your bonds and relationships [...]

Quote of the Week – Living in the Present with Lauren Bacall

Last week one of the last & most beloved Old Hollywood icons passed away at the age of 89. Lauren Bacall was one of the most legendary women in Hollywood. She was in one of my all time favorite movies with Marilyn Monroe called, “How to Marry a Millionaire” if you haven’t seen it now [...]

5 Tips on Getting Out of the Summer Funk and Into the Fall Grind

Rise & Shine World! After a hiatus filled with grad school essays, summer sun-rays, a trip to Mexico, and a rollercoaster of a summer – I am back in action! Sometimes getting a little R&R is what a girl needs to reboot her mind and get back into kick-ass mode. It’s August – the time [...]

Eat, Pray, TRAVEL!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need a break from everyone they know, every freeway they drive on, and every unwanted person they run into. The best time for a break? Summer, obviously!! If you need a break (which I know I definitely do) from the bubble that you are in planning [...]

Top 5 Rules to Have Fun at (most) Douchey L.A. Nightclubs

(most) Nightclubs in LA are like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. We all know that when we walk into a club the vibe will most likely be a “nose-in-the-air”, “you can’t sit with us”, “cliquey” atmosphere. The problem with most LA nightclubs (or any selfie-obsessed town) is that they do not OWN the fact that [...]

How to Keep it Together When You Feel Like You’re Falling Apart.

Each day has its struggles. On some days, things get better and on other days it goes straight down the toilet and into the dirty Santa Monica Bay. If you haven’t noticed yet – the sun will rise and the birds will still chirp during the hell you go through every day. I know that [...]

How Thailand Taught Me How to Smile

My older brother once told me that traveling is the best way to get over a loss, a breakup, and just an overall sad time. He had just come back from Dubai and the Maldives (aka freaking paradise). I saw a change in him. He had a glow about him that made me want to [...]

Words of Wisdom I Would Tell My 23-Year Old-Self Who Lost Her Mother

If I knew my mom was going to pass away this is what I would tell my 23-year-old self. It has not been too long, but I have gone through many life experiences since then. I believe I have become stronger. This helps me cope and hopefully it will help you or someone you know [...]

Everything You Need to Know Before Watching the Oscars

This Sunday is the 86th Annual Academy Awards hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. In the last 3 years we have seen hosts such as James Franco (2011), Anne Hathaway (2011), Billy Crystal (2012), and Seth MacFarlane (2013). Now, these last few years hosting wise have been ok. Not great….but ok. Award shows should be fun and [...]

5 Ways to Deal With People You Can’t Stand

No matter where we go, no matter where we work, there is always someone there we cannot stand. For the purpose of this article I will refer to them as the “nuisance”. These nuisances always seem to push our buttons at the worst time of the day. It could be a co-worker who wants you [...]

The 12 Different Types of Love and Relationships

If you are or ever have been in a relationship you know that the one thing you both have in common is that connection (that thing, that spark). This is what attracts you first to your partner and gives you a sign that maybe it’s something more than friendship. This “spark” leads to many different [...]