Buying 1000 Twitter Followers Ė Where Do They Come From?

News 12:02 February 2023:

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Itís not uncommon for companies nowadays to sell followers to social media sites users. Packages such as buying 1000 twitter followers or Instagram followers are offered by many companies.

Most of the time, these packages are harmless because it helps a user to get started on their profile. If a user is a business owner and he or she has just started a social media account, having something like 1000 twitter followers can give a good impression to other users.

However, itís important to understand that these bought followers are more often than not dummy accounts. A dummy account is an account created for the sake of having a username and therefore, do not have an active user.Due to this, you canít expect any interaction, communication, or even sales from the followers you purchased.

The companies that sell followers often gather old and dormant accounts or created new ones for you.All you have is numbers that donít mean anything or add any value to your revenue. But it can help to kick start other real users into following your account.

So if youíve made a purchase for followers, donít expect an increase of likes or retweets until more real-life users follow you.